The term 'sustainability' has become a bit of a buzzword in recent times, but it's something that has been at the forefront of Sammylou for many years.

Our purpose is to advocate for slow/responsible consumption and we aspire to retail products that are built to last, with the lowest environmental impact. Prioritising recycled materials, natural ingredients and zero harmful toxins.

We are committed to educate, inspire and motivate for the responsible use and enjoyment of our oceans, beaches and the great outdoors.


We choose our suppliers carefully and continuously monitor our partnerships to make sure our ethical and environmental criteria is maintained. 

Our focus has always been to retail quality, long-lasting products that are kind to the planet. We take a holistic approach to sustainability and know that long-term success can only be achieved by upholding ethical values, human rights and the environment.

Sammylou has a clear philosophy that the future of business lies in people, not profit.


Our approach to packaging is centred around the principle of function over form or as we like to say, purpose over prettiness.

We source the majority of packaging materials from our own business waste, this enables us to reuse packaging as efficiently as possible. We only use plastic-free parcel tape, and constantly strive to develop optimal packaging methods.



There may come a time when the products you have bought from us reach their end of life, or you wish to change them for something new (e.g. latest design or new style).

We would like you to consider recycling, donating or reselling them yourself — just don't throw them away! Ask a neighbour, local donation centre, or recycling facility. There are plenty of people who can benefit from your unwanted goods.

What you do makes a difference and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.

— Jane Goodall